My Workflow for Subtitles on YouTube and Facebook

On ECIC some people asks me, how do I get subtitles in my videos on YouTube and Facebook. This post is for them, therefor it iswritten in a hurry and in english (but please excuse my [hopefully not too] bad english).

There are two cases: If I have the text of the speech in the video (not unusual, because my bosses love my teleprompter), it is easy. If not, it is a bit more work.

First I upload the video to YouTube, because it offers the posibility to make subtitles automatically. They are not really good every time, but they’re a base for further work.

When you’ve uploaded a video just wait a few minutes and then click on the Link to subtitles in the edit section of the video. After a click on that, you select the language of the video, and there you find the automatically generated subtitle (in my case „Deutsch – automatically“).  Click on that (and than on „Edit“) and edit and correct it as you like.

Now save your work and go back to the subtitles. After a click on your own Version of the subtitles you can now download the subtitles in the menu „Actions“. Download the .srt. Now rename it: SomeCoolTitle_yourLanguage-Code (i.e. Now you have your Subtitles in a format that Facebook is able to read.

When you now upload the video to Facebook and add the subtitles in the Subtitle-Tab.

Btw: The .srt-File is a common Text-File, so you can edit it easyly by hand, if you want to change something.

In the other case (you have a script for the spoken words) you go to „Add subtitle“ and upload your text as a txt-File. After Autosyncing by YouTube you can improve and download it as in the first case.


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